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Butterflies Secretarial Solutions takes pride in producing high quality transcripts. However a high quality transcript not only depends on the skill of the typist, the quality of the audio plays a great part in the final product.

We do prefer digital audio but also accept mini and micro cassettes. Digital files can be emailed or uploaded securely via our Send This File facility (you will need a password from us to use it).  This facility will ensure the safety and confidentiality of your files.  We can return transcripts the same way if requested, you simply download the Word document from a secure link which is emailed to you.

Transcription Time

Did you know that transcribing an hour of audio can take between 2 and 6 hours? The reasons for this include: Background noise; Multiple voices (e.g. a meeting environment or focus group); Heavy accents; Use of industry specific terminology.

Help Minimise Transcription Time

Speak slower than usual (single speaker); Speak clearly; Minimise background noise (e.g. don’t interview in a café, outdoors or a lunch room); Identify different speakers; Minimise jargon where possible; Spell unusual words and/or names.

For information on fees for transcription, please email us as fees vary according to quality, number of speakers and format required. We charge by the audio minute as we believe that a per audio minute charge is beneficial for both us and the client. It ensures that the client is fully aware of the total cost before work begins and there are no nasty surprises if the job takes longer than anticipated. The audio may need to be heard before the price is confirmed.

If you haven’t yet converted to digital, here are some of the reasons why you might consider it.

Digital voice recorders are becoming hugely popular in the business world. Digital offers far greater clarity than analogue (cassettes) and also easy storage options. Files are easily sorted, electronically filed and can be backed-up.

Digital voice recorders can be used for a variety of purposes including; meetings, focus groups, interviews, single speaker dictation.

Your local office equipment supplier would be able to advise you on a digital recorder suitable for your needs.